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Bush's Budget Does Double Violence

February 8, 2006

President Bush unveiled his plan for the 2007 budget. Bush has spent huge sums on the military in the past, but this budget breaks the previous record for military spending with $439.3 billion allocated for military activities. In the five years since he took office, Bush has increased the Pentagon's budget by 45%, and that doesn't even include the extra cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!

While the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security are receiving increased funds, domestic programs are bearing the brunt of budget shortfalls. Bush's plan calls for the elimination or reduction of 141 domestic programs, including sharp cuts to the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. Even using the President's own numbers, this budget allocates more to the military than all other discretionary programs combined!

In addition to the violence done in war, military spending also kills by denying resources to those most in need. This is a double violence . Rep. John M. Spratt Jr. (D-SC), a member of the House Budget Committee, made a similar observation in the New York Times, "A budget is a statement of moral choices, and this budget makes the wrong choices."

One way to speak out against this immoral budget is to call for the right not to pay for it!

Please support the thousands of U.S. taxpayers whose deeply-held religious and moral beliefs do not allow them to pay for military violence.

Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill (H.R. 2631). This bill would set up a Peace Tax Fund in the U.S. Treasury that would allow conscientious objectors to pay their federal income taxes into a fund to be spent only for non-military purposes.

To contact your member of Congress, click here.

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