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Inge Free, Two More COs Go to Jail for War Tax Resistance

March 3rd, 2006.

First the good news: Inge Donato was released from prison on February 6th after serving a six-month term for her refusal to pay taxes for military purposes. Inge has expressed deep gratitude to all those who wrote her and spoke out on her behalf during her time in prison. While in jail, she received letters from people all over the world. The support she felt from this broad community helped her to endure the harsh conditions of prison. Thanks to all of you who communicated with Inge during this time!

And now the bad news: Inge's husband, Joe Donato, and their fellow community member, Kevin McKee, begin their prison terms this month. Kevin's 24-month term began last Monday, and this morning Joe reported to prison to begin his 27-month sentence.

Though Joe's and Kevin's sentences are significantly longer than Inge's, they are being punished for the same thing as she: their refusal to violate their consciences and pay taxes that they know would be used for military violence.

Here are some ways you can help out:

1. Send a letter of support to Joe and/or Kevin in prison:

Joseph Donato
# 40884-050
FCI Fairton- Satellite camp
PO Box 420
Fairton NJ. 08320

Kevin McKee
# 40886-050
FPC Schuylkill
PO Box 700
Minersville, PA. 17954-0670

2. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper drawing attention to this injustice

3. If you haven't done so recently, please send an e-mail to your members of Congress calling for support for H.R. 2631, the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill. This Bill would allow conscientious objectors to military participation to pay their Federal taxes into a non-military fund.

4. Forward this Article to your friends. Especially if you've already contacted your members of Congress, it's important to give others the chance to contact theirs!

The ordeal that Inge, Joe, and Kevin are enduring reminds us that religious freedom does not exist in this country for those whose beliefs forbid participation in war. Thanks for joining in the movement to broaden religious freedom, and for all you do for peace.