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The New York City Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund began in the Winter of 2004. We helped introduce a City Council Resolution led by Council Member Bill Perkins, who represented Harlem District in Manhattan.

We had a successful hearing on June 9, 2005 with the State and Federal Legislation Committee. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, the resolution did not come to a vote in front of the full Council. There are no plans to reintroduce the resolution into the new City Council voted into office for 2006.

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New York City Council hearing official transcript

  • 2005-07-22
  • We now have a copy of the official transcript from the June 9th hearing.

New York City Council Hears Peace Tax Testimonies

  • 2005-06-10
  • Over seventy-five people braved the blazing sun and sweltering concrete yesterday to call for a Peace Tax Fund. The gathering, on the steps of New York City Hall, marked the beginning of a historic afternoon in which the New York City Council heard testimony on Resolution 367.

We have a Bill!

  • 2005-05-25
  • HR 2631 - The Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill was introduced yesterday, May 25 with 34 cosponsors.

New York City Council Hears Peace Tax Testimonies

  • 2004-05-19
  • On May 19, 2004, Mr. Perkins introduced into the City Council Resolution #367, a " (r)esolution in support of the "Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act," H.R. 2631, to affirm the rights of taxpayers who are conscientiously opposed to participation in war by providing that the income, estate or gift tax payments of such taxpayers be used for nonmilitary purposes. "

    Read the full text of this Resolution here, and learn more about the New York City Council here.



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