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Children's Stories

The following are stories that talk about conscientious objection to military taxation and interactive activities that address the federal budget and military spending. They can be used in a Sunday School setting or in a children's story time during a regular service.

"The Pastor Who Would Not Pay"
A story about Ernest Bromley, a Methodist pastor who refused to put a defense tax stamp on his car during World War II. The IRS had him arrested and sent to prison, but Ernest continued his refusal to pay taxes for war.

"Marvin’s Stand for Peace"
A story about Marvin Underwood, a Quaker who refused to register to become a soldier. After a court trial, Marvin and several Quaker families decide to move to Costa Rica because the country does not have an army.

"Interactive Activities"
A list of interactive activities for children to match various government programs with the amount of spending they receive, and discuss a faith-based response to spending priorities.