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Congregational Support for the Peace Tax Fund

The following is a list of ideas of various things your congregation can do to actively support the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund (NCPTF). Please contact us for more information on any of these ideas.

  • Appoint someone from your congregation to be a contact person on this issue, and let us know who that person is! E-mail us at or call us toll-free at 1–888–PEACETAX (1–888–732–2382).
  • Forward our e-mail action alerts to the members of your congregation.
  • Hold a special offering for NCPTF.
  • Include the NCPTF in your annual budget.
  • Display our brochure in your lobby. (View the brochure [900 KB PDF file, new window]).
  • Have a timely sermon or service near Tax Day (April 15), International Conscientious Objection Day (May 15), Independence Day, or any other time of the year that seems appropriate.
  • Host a letter-writing event for members to write to their members of Congress, encouraging them to cosponsor the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill.
  • Do a group lobby visit to personally meet with your members of Congress about the Peace Tax Fund.