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Songs and Hymns

The songs and hymns listed below cover the topics of Christian understandings of peace and justice and the role Christians have in responding to violence. They come from Anabaptist singing traditions. If you are unfamiliar or unable to obtain these songs, consider what songs your own tradition might have that relates to peace and conscientious objection.

Hymnal: A Worship Book. Brethren Press, Faith and Life Press, Mennonite Publishing House, 1992.

  • #226, "You are the salt for the earth"
  • #395, "Here I am Lord"
  • #406, "And is the gospel peace and love"
  • #407, "We are people of God’s peace"
  • #409, "What does the Lord require"
  • #411, "I bind my heart this tide"

Sing the Journey. Faith & Life Resources (a division of Mennonite Publishing Network), 2005.

  • #52, "Jesus, help us live in peace"
  • #56, "Make me a channel of your peace"
  • #66, "If the war goes on"

Rise Up Singing. Peter Blood & Annie Patterson, editors.

  • pp. 158–166, Section on Peace
  • p. 5, "Tenting Tonight"
  • p. 36, "My Rainbow Race"
  • p. 141, "What to Do"
  • p. 187, "We Hate to See Them Go"
  • p. 228, "Turn, Turn, Turn"