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Brochures and Fliers

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image: Basic Brochure Basic Brochure
2-sided, 8.5x11
This flier is a great introduction to the Peace Tax Fund legislation and campaign.
image: Basic Brochure in black & white Basic Brochure
Same as above, only in black & white for easier photocopying.
image: Q & A Brochure Q & A Brochure
2-sided, 8.5x11
Answers the most common questions people raise about the Peace Tax Fund.
image: Bar Graph Flier Bar Graph Flier
1-sided, 8.5x11, 2 per sheet
Graphic portrayal of U.S. military spending vs. selected human needs.
image: Funny Money (spoof dollar bill) Funny Money
2-sided, 8.5x11, 3 per sheet
Spoof dollar bill flier with info about the Peace Tax Fund and National War Tax Resistance
image: Conscientious Objector poem Conscientious Objector
1-sided, 8.5x11, 2 per sheet
Poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay
image: U.S. Budget Pie Chart
U.S. Budget Pie Chart
2-sided, 8.5x11
To download this resource, visit War Resisters League's website: (new window)