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U.S. Military Spending

Here are several ways of looking at the costs of U.S. militarism—costs to U.S. taxpayers, costs to U.S. society, and costs to the world.

The National Priorities Project Pie Chart (new window)
The NPP pie chart just shows discretionary spending, which is the money represented in the budget each year. Among annually budgeted funds, military spending is over 50%

The FCNL "Our Nation's Checkbook" page (new window)
The Friends Committee on National Legislation presents an analysis of the federal government's military spending.

The War Resisters League Pie Chart (new window)
WRL includes non-annually budgeted programs in its figures, which significantly shrinks the amount for military spending. But it also calculates in the percentage of the national debt which is military-related, which brings the military budget percentage up to 48%.

U.S. Defense Spending vs. Global Defense Spending (new window)
The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation has a table that shows the U.S. military budget compared to the budgets of other selected countries.

Oreo Cookie Budget (new window)
True Majority Action has a breakdown of the military budget using Oreo cookies. It puts a practical, but positive, spin on the troubles of the U.S. budget and what we can do to change it.