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Past Newsletters:

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Issue 2 of 2016 (75 KB, PDF)

Issue 1 of 2016 (503 KB, PDF)

Issue I of 2008 (4.1 MB, PDF)

Issue III of 2007 (1.9 MB, PDF)

Issue II of 2007 (4.4 MB, PDF)

Issue I of 2007 (1.3 MB, PDF)

Issue III of 2006 (794 KB, PDF)

Issue II of 2006 (2.2 MB, PDF)

Issue I of 2006 (924 KB, PDF)

Issue III of 2005 (2.3 MB, PDF)

Issue II of 2005 (298 KB, PDF)

Issue I of 2005 (144 KB, PDF)

Issue III of 2004 (298 KB, PDF)

Issue II of 2004 (298 KB, PDF)

Issue I of 2004 (2.4 MB, PDF)

  • April 15: Taxable, Teachable Moment
  • Guernica: The Cover-Up
  • Survivors Bear Witness to B-29's Role in Atrocity
  • Penalty Fund: Mutual Aid for War Tax Witness
  • Planned Gifts: Leave More for Peace, Less for War

Issue II of 2003 (657 KB, PDF)

  • Philadelphia Quakers to Face IRS in Court
  • Peace Tax Fund Would Accommodate Quaker Convictions
  • Listening to the Silence of Young Dead Soldiers
  • IRS Crackdown: Poor to Pay Even More (for War)
  • Don't Miss This Chance to Speak Up for Conscience

Issue I of 2003 (309 KB, PDF)

  • The Importance of Showing Up ~ UN Commission Interested in Conscientious Objection
  • Pesos for Peace
  • Nonviolence is not for Sissies
  • New Staff Join NCPTF
  • News from the Field
  • Action Ideas

Issue I of 2002 (614 KB, PDF)

  • Now, More (of your taxes) than Ever
  • Speak Your Mind ~ May 16 Lobby Day
  • How do I Support thee? ~ Let me Count the Ways
  • Shaken and Stirred
  • Seeing Double
  • Words of Hatred
  • Priorities
  • Search for Director of Development & Outreach
  • European Network for Peace and Human Rights
  • Letter From the U.N.
  • McCarthyism in Cincinnati
  • Compelled by Conscience

Issue IV of 2001 (273 KB, PDF)

  • With Us or Against Us
  • New World Order
  • Facing September 11
  • Peace and Security
  • When Did the War Start and When Will It End?
  • Pacifists' Role Misunderstood
  • Conscientious Objectors' 911 Calls
  • Positive Change
  • Home Thoughts From Abroad
  • Letter From the U.N.
  • An Open Letter to the Inland Revenue
  • Fundraising Initiatives
  • Reprisals by US Could Be a War Crime

Issue III of 2001 (September) (232 KB, PDF)

  • Statement of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund on Events of September 11, 2001
  • Open Letter to President G. W. Bush Regarding the Heinous Attacks on New York and Washington
  • Cassandra's Dilemna
  • Messages From the Front Line
  • Explainging the Inexplicable
  • Violence Begets Violence
  • Letter From the U.N.
  • They Can't See Why They Are Hated: Americans cannot ignore what their government does abroad
  • Afghan Perspective
  • Left and Right Seek Balanced Response
  • Not In Our Name

Issue II of 2001 (July) (224 KB, PDF)

  • Digging for Support on Capitol Hill - More Spades Needed
  • Lobbying Beyond Congress
  • Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Keep Nuclear Weapons
  • Shalom - It's a Mighty Challenge
  • Revisiting the U.S. Military Budget
  • The Bomb in Your Heart - 77 Approaches to its Safe Disposal
  • Help! Intern Needed!
  • Lobby Day Press Release
  • Simple Truth on the World Stage
  • Letter From the U.N.
  • Every Church A Peace Church
  • Mini Updates
  • One Person, One Vote: How to have politicians ask, "What can I do for you?"
  • NCPTF Board Changes

Issue I of 2001 (March) (472 KB, PDF)

  • Lobby Day - May 16 - Everyone Welcome
  • Dedication to a Cause
  • Go Ahead, Scream!
  • Columbian Citizens Invite Taxpayers to Transform Tax Dollars
  • Coman McCarthy at Shalom Conference 2001 in Lancaster, PA
  • NCPTF Board Election
  • Lobby Day Press Release
  • Military Budget Continues to Increase
  • Letter From the U.N.
  • Peace Tax Foundation Launches New Fundraising Initiative
  • Mini Updates
  • CO to Paying for Death Penalty

Issue IV of 2000 (664 KB, PDF)

  • Election Results: How they impact the Peace Tax Fund Bill
  • From the Village Council to the Negotiating Table - the international campaign to promote the role of women in peace building
  • A War Memorial to Conscientious Objectors
  • Spanish-American War Tax
  • It's Not All Bad News
  • Whose Bullet Is This?
  • Puerto Rico / Vieques results
  • Who Are We? Digging at the NCPTF grassroots
  • School of the Americas
  • Congregants Await Seizure of Church
  • The Conscientious Objector
  • Atoning for the Middle East Tragedy
  • 12-Point Program to Stop Torture

Summer 2000 (2.3 MB, PDF)

Spring 2000 (924 KB, PDF)

  • Eighth International Conference
  • Farewell From Intern
  • SOA Alert!
  • Out To Launch
  • Firearm Litigation Update
  • Truth Commission Offers Insights on Conscientious Objection
  • Quote from President Eisenhower—"Cross of Iron"
  • A CitizenÕs Voice, a letter to the IRS
  • United Nations Millennium Forum Keeps Conscience in Mind
  • NCPTF Board Elections
  • Joint Chiefs Aim Big Budget Request at Next President
  • Five Nuclear Powers Pledge Abolition
  • Books
  • Tools for Peace Tax Fund Activists
  • seeking a long-term serviceworker or intern

Winter 2000 (528 KB, PDF)

A Personal Dilemma? A National Dilemma? An International Dilemma?;
Tax Day - Stand Up and Be Counted!
News From The Field, by Rachel Harrison;
Child Soldiers Update, Reversal of U.S. Position: U.N. Working Group Adopts Optional Protocol on Child Soldiers;
The Arms Race With Ourselves;
Green Lights and Red Herrings;
Gandhi and King Principles of Nonviolence;
Websites for FY2000 Budget information; JOB OPENING - ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT;
Don't Give Up the Ship!; Supreme Court Leaves Crisis of Conscience for Congress;
Obituary for Leah Felton;
Zapatista Air Force Attack;
Not All Tax Protesters Are Cheats and Crooks;
Double Standard of Conscientious Objector Status;
Tools for Peace Tax Fund Activists

Fall 1999

Conscientious Objector to Be Court-martialed; Success Happens Every Day; Peacemaker Congress, December 27-30; Congressional Hearing Aides; Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty—The US Senate recently rejected the treaty, and you've heard American reactions. The following two op/ed extracts are from leading centrist newspapers in Europe; The 1600 (Pennsylvania Ave) Killers; Ordinary Folks; US Military Spending: 1946 - 2002; Congressional scrutiny of Kosovo war...; What Is the Point of Pacifism?; Books; Tools for Peace Tax Fund Activists; Shriek!!!

Summer 1999

United Nations Consults Conscience; News From The Field; The United Nations and Freedom of Conscience... or how the Conscience and Peace Tax International was nominated for special consultative status in the a committee of the UN; Campaign Notes; Overture to reason...

Spring 1999 (165 KB, PDF)

Winter 1999

106th Congress Begins with Good, Bad News, PTF Members Meet their Senator in DC, Something to Teach, Much to Learn, Bringing War Tax Resisters Together, PTF Job Opening, PTF Direct Speaks at the UN, Goals for 1999: Envisioning Success, The PTF Goes to College New Resource Available! Update on WTR Legal Cases, Peace Group is Fined $163,000 for Donating Medicine to Iraq, Thousands March Against the School of the Americas

Fall 1998

Organizing for the Peace Tax Fund Pays Dividends, Republican Moran Becomes a Cosponsor, PTF Display at Conferences, Peace Tax Petition is a Success, Peace Tax Fund Ads Available, How the Presidential Crisis Affects Us, Loving the Hell out of People, Prophetic Crusades of Conscience, Military Budget Bumped Up Again, Peace at the Pentagon? New Staff at the Campaign.

Winter 1998

Legislative Update, "The Peace Tax Fund has Company," Does the Term "Religious Freedom" Exclude Some Conscientious Objectors?, New Legal Case Against the IRS, New Endorsement, Update on Priscilla Adams' Case, European Peace Congress, May 29-31, 1998, Staff Change, Job Available!, Nominate the Peace Tax Fund!

Fall 1997

White House To Facilitate Meeting With Tax Officials On Peace Tax Fund Bill, Historic Court Challenge Begins, Campaign Notes, Peace Tax Fund Bill 1972-1997, My Visit with the IRS, Resources, News from the Field.

Summer 1997

Peace Tax Fund Amendment Turned Down; Supporters Cite Vote as Progress, Legislative Update: Fishing on the Other Side, News from the Campaign, The Peace Tax Fund Bill at Twenty-Five, Tax Season Ideas for Outreach, A Special Moment, A Special Invitation.

Spring 1997

Campaign Maps Out Strategy for New Congress, Congressional Directory 1997-1998, International Conference Brings Activists Together, On the Trail, White House and Campaign Lobbyists Discuss Peace Tax Fund Bill.

Fall 1996

A Power Greater than Ourselves, The Peace Tax Fund Bill and Election '96, Door Closes on Hearing for This Congress but Opens for Next, On the Trail: News for the Campaign, The Costs of Learning to Kill, Your Taxes at Work.

Summer 1996

Action Alert, Campaign Mobilizes for Senate Hearing, Grassroots Plays Key Role, It's a Belief, Not an Opinion, Setting the Military Budget Time Bomb, Stories, On the Trail, What Is a Person of Conscience?

Spring 1996

Action Alert, Churches Speak Out on Spending Priorities, Conscientious Objection Today: Opportunities and Challenges, Campaign Embarks on Critical Year, Your Tax Dollar at Work, Conscience: Use It or Lose It, On the Trail: News from the Campaign, Resources. (Online version unavailable).

Fall 1995

Campaign Seeks Ten Cosponsors, A Change in Language, The Political Spread, Action Alert, 10,000 Letters Program Nears End, Your Tax Dollar and the Arms Trade, A Haven for the Cause of
Conscience, Lead House Cosponsor to Retire, Judge Rules Against CO, The Challenge of Shalom.