Peace Tax Fund Update Issue II, 2004

New York City Council Considers Peace Tax Fund Resolution

Judge Delivers Mixed Ruling in U.S. v. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

The Fun of Figuring Out What To Do About Militarism

Abolitionist Proposes Peace Tax Fund to Civil War Reenactors

Book Review: How Much Are You Making on the War, Daddy?

NCPTF has the following job opening:

Title: Administrative Assistant

Starting Date: Immediately

Job Description: Full-time, salaried position with benefits, primarily administrative work with the possibility of doing some
outreach work

Job Qualifications: Motivated individual with a strong interest in the Peace Tax Fund & ability to organize multiple tasks, previous office experience and computer skills preferred

To Apply: Send resume with references to NCPTF office, or call 1-888-PEACETAX

Make A difference in NYC!

If you don't live in New York, that's okay: neither do most of our supporters. Please contact friends you know there and suggest they do any of the following to be involved:

* Write, call or e-mail your City Council Member and ask her or him to co-sponsor Res. 367
* Encourage your religious or social justice group to endorse the campaign
* Join the Peace Tax Fund Working Group
* Attend or organize a Peace Tax Fund event
* Circulate a petition
* Plan to attend the Hearing in September (date TBA) and make a statement supporting the Peace Tax Fund
* visit NYC campaign link on for details and event updates *

Join our email list

We'd like to expand our ability to contact you via e-mail for important updates and action alerts. If you would like to receive
such e-mails, please visit click "Take Action" on our website.

Congressional District Contacts Needed

CDCs serve as the point people for our organizing work in congressional districts. There are 435 districts represented in
Congress and we currently have 27 CDCs -- can you help us bridge the gap? If you are interested in helping out in this way, contact CDC coordinator Jennifer Beall at or call our office.

Lobby Visits, Letters, Calls Yield 7 More Cosponsors

Since our last issue of Update, seven more Representatives have signed onto H.R. 2037, bringing the total to 42. They are, in order of date they cosponsored: John Conyers (MI-14), José Serrano (NY-16), Jerry Moran (KS-1), Corrine Brown (FL-3), Elijah Cummings (MD-7), Ted Strickland (OH-6), and Melvin Watt (NC-12).

Both Strickland and Cummings received visits on Lobby Day, May 14. NCPTF member Marjorie Nelson flew in from Athens, Ohio, to meet in person with Strickland. Marian Franz joined Nelson in the conversation with Strickland that lasted nearly an hour and ranged from Nelson's personal beliefs to Jesus' teachings on paying taxes.

Over fifty people lobbied for H.R. 2037 and against military draft legislation on Lobby Day, jointly sponsored by NCPTF and the Center on Conscience and War. Lobby visits, calls, and letters are very effective ways of gaining support for H.R. 2037. All seven new cosponsors were on Marian's list of lobby priorities. Thanks for helping to bring them on board!



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