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Current Cosponsors of the Bill

The following representatives have added their names and their influence to the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill, H.R. 2377. Is your Representative on this list? Use one of these links to send an e-mail message directly from our Web site to your lawmakers, asking them to join Rep. John Lewis as a cosponsor of H.R. 2377:

Message written from the perspective of a conscientious objector

Message written from the perspective of a supporter of civil liberties

The bill had no original cosponsors in the 114th Congress. Original cosponsors are those who put their names on the bill before it is re-introduced and has a new number. Their names are then printed on the official bill. Additional cosponsors are likely to join the original cosponsors, and while their names will not be on the printed bill, a list of all cosponsors is maintained at Thomas (the Library of Congress Web site) and on this page.

Sponsor: Rep. John Lewis [GA–5] (introduced May 15, 2015)

Cosponsors (0), ordered by date: