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The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund advocates for H.R. 4529 - The Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill.

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Important Announcement

The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund will make an important announcement in April 2024 regarding the ongoing work of our organization. We will continue to seek a remedy for the constitutional rights of people of conscience concerning income taxation for war and other military purposes. Our opposition to having our income taxes used for the waging of war in all forms is contrary to our deeply held moral beliefs and is in fact a constitutional First Amendment issue.

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The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund sadly shares the news of the death of our board member, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton. Bishop Gumbleton was a longtime advocate for a peace tax fund. We honor his life's work as a peace activist and supporter of our organization, the Peace Tax Fund.

Bishop Gumbleton

Bishop Gumbleton, longtime soul of the US Catholic peace movement, dies

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Our Purpose

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The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund advocates for H.R. 4529 - The Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill, which will protect the First Amendment rights of Americans who have deeply held religious, moral, and ethical beliefs about how their federal income taxes are used for military purposes. Many Americans seek to pay their income taxes knowing they are following the leadings of their conscience. However, a minority of Americans find these deeply held beliefs challenged because of their objection to war.

About the Organization

Church of the Brethren, Mennonites, Quakers, and others represent this minority whose religious liberty is compromised when they pay their income taxes. Our government already recognizes the liberty of those who have deeply held beliefs against war and they are exempt from military service. We seek equal justice under the law for these taxpayers. Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill will protect the rights of all as envisioned in The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

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How to get involved

Become an Advocate

Peace Tax Advocates (PTA) build long-term relationships with your district representative and senators, and join others who share your convictions on military spending. Average commitment is 2-3 hours per month.

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Staff a Table

Attending a conference or meeting where participants are open to hearing more about the NCPTF? Willing to set up a table at the event? Let us know and we’ll cover the table registration fees and provide literature.

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The NCPTF operates from donations and grants. These funds pay for the staff and office needed to give consistency in communications with legislators and volunteers.

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Refer Others

If you know someone in any of the districts represented on this list who would be interested in supporting this cause, please invite them to join us as a PTA.

News & Stories

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Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

A Call to Catholics: Let Us End Our Complicity in War

February 2, 2021

Written by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, originally published at Once again, information has surfaced regarding United States governmental efforts to mislead and misinform people about disgraceful, cruel destruction caused by a United States war of choice against people who meant the U.S. no harm. In the Afghanistan Papers, the United States government officials acknowledged, privately, […]

John Lewis receives Congressional Medal of Honor from President Obama

In Memory of John Lewis

July 29, 2020

Friends, we join you in mourning Representative John Lewis. As a fellow supporter of the work of the Peace Tax Fund he had the unique role of being our faithful congressional sponsor of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act for many years. We are honored and thankful for his support. Since Representative Lewis’ death […]

Rep. John Lewis

Representative John Lewis sponsors H.R. 1947

July 6, 2017

Representative Lewis sponsors and re-introduces the bill on April 5, 2017.

Persistent Opposition to Paying for War

September 22, 2016

David R. Bassett, founder of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, is a person of persistent faith and generous wisdom.