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How to get involved

The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund is still active today because of a solid base of dedicated supporters. To have the Peace Tax Fund Bill pass, this base needs to grow. There are four ways you can help to make this happen:

Become a Peace Tax Advocate

The primary goal of a Peace Tax Advocate (PTA) is to build long-term relationships with the local office of your member of congress so that the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill will become law. PTA’s are a part of a cooperative grassroots effort with the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund and other supporters in your congressional district, state, and across the U.S. who share your convictions on military spending through our conscripted income tax payment. The time commitment averages two to three hours a month.

Here are some things you can do as a Peace Tax Advocate:

  • (1) Reach out to others in your community and inform others about the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill.
  • (1) Contact your member of congress, send letters, but most importantly, set up meetings in the local office of your congressional representative.
  • (1) Keep the national office of NCPTF informed of your efforts. We appreciate your efforts!

E-mail us at to receive more details.

Staff a Table

If you will be attending a conference or meeting where participants are open to hearing more about the NCPTF and you are willing to set up a table at the event, please let us know. We often don’t have the funds to send staff. Table registration fees and literature can be provided.

Contact us to learn more.


The NCPTF operates from donations and grants. These funds pay for the staff and office needed to give consistency in communications with legislators and volunteers. As we near the beginning of a new congressional session, the work that needs to be done in Washington, D.C., grows. As donations increase, staff time can also increase, and our work to pass the bill moves forward. If you can help us financially, please donate on-line or send a check to the address below.

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Refer Others

Do you know others who would be interested in seeing this bill passed? While the long-term goal is to have a Peace Tax Advocate in each of the 435 congressional districts, the short-term goal is to have a volunteer PTA to cover each member of the Ways and Means Committee. Click here (new window) to see the list of members of the Committee. If you know someone in any of the districts represented on this list who would be interested in supporting this cause, please invite them to join us as a PTA.

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